Hello and here’s our story so far: experienced marketing professionals (that’s us) sit down, drink tea, plan perfect marketing recruitment agency. Drink more tea. Choose name (“Soap Recruitment”) build business. Launch (hurrah!).

Soap is a marketing recruitment agency that’s passionate about finding outstanding marketing jobs for talented individuals.  We’re specialists in recruiting for marketing, media, digital, creative and PR jobs on behalf of brands and agencies in the Midlands.

At Soap, we want to create a marketing recruitment agency that everyone can be proud of. And we need your help.

We only deal with the best quality candidates. Are you talented, hard-working and want to make a name for yourself? Great. Our clients include big brands, SMEs and funky agencies, and they always need good people. (They’re very important to us though – so play nicely!)

Are you a business looking for some creative brilliance? Then we’ve got a range of top notch candidates for you to choose from.   We would love to talk to you about your recruitment needs, so please speak to one of our senior consultants today on 0845 519 5880 or send us a brief online.

What do I get from you?

Well, you get a friendly, reliable and squeaky clean recruitment agency. If you need us, we promise we’ll do everything we can to help. (As far as we’re concerned, anything else won’t wash.)

After 30 years successful marketing experience (agency and client side) we truly understand how life in the marketing and creative industries works. So expect practical, direct and jargon-free advice on everything recruitment related.

OK, that’s the story so far. Now what?

Find the perfect job. Find the perfect candidate. All live happily ever after.

That’s our dream ending. Isn’t it time we helped you write yours?

Contact Soap today on 0845 519 5880.