Put your hand up if you love recruiting!  (Oh, ok. Must just be us then. . .)

Finding the best candidate for your business can be a tough task. Most folks don’t have time to organise interviews, field phone calls or tackle a pile of CVs.

Why not let Soap Recruitment do the hard work for you? We’re committed to finding your ideal person, and making the process as painless as possible. And, if you don’t mind us saying, we’re really rather good at it. . .

Are you being served?

This is a question we want all our clients to ask.  We use all our experience and expertise to give you the highest levels of client service.

Our team starts by gaining a thorough appreciation of what your business does (and what you want from us). We’re quick off the mark, both in finding the right candidates, and calling you after interviews and job offers.  Nobody likes awkward silences, so we’ll always keep you updated on what’s happening.

Taking recruitment to another level

Soap’s carefully selected high-quality candidates cover every level from Executive to Director. Job-wise, we’ve got the works, including:

  • Account Managers
  • Business Developers
  • Marketers
  • PRs

That’s not forgetting:

  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • SEO Experts
  • Web Programmers
  • . . . And many more

Why we’re so picky about our candidates

We only pick the best candidates and promise only to send you candidates we think you’ll like. Reputation is very important to us, and we want you to be happy with the service you receive.

If we don’t have a suitable candidate, we’ll always let you know. And then we’ll find you someone who fits the bill.

Making sure our CVs are squeaky clean

At Soap we believe in telling it as it is. We wash away the CV bubbles to let you know who candidates really are, what they’ve done and – most importantly – what they can do for your business.

Making sure we look in all the right places

Well-written, well-placed job ads are great. But sometimes they’re not enough. That’s why we regularly use our extensive online and offline networks to recruit the best people. Your perfect candidates are out there – and we’re always out and about looking for them.

A flexible and adaptive service

Every client has different needs, so we’re happy for you to use us on a contingency or exclusive basis.

Contingency means you’re free to approach other agencies, helping keep your options open.

Need a more bespoke approach? Then try our exclusive service. You get a lower fee rate, and a specifically tailored advertising campaign to find your perfect match.

However you choose to work with us, we promise you the highest levels of client service.

How our fee structure works

Having worked client side ourselves, we wanted to create the fairest fee structure possible. That’s why Soap Recruitment operates a flat, fixed rate percentage fee for all placements.  So everyone gets treated equally, and there are no nasty trip-points that penalise you (or the candidate)

Who do we think we are?

Soap’s consultants have over 30 years successful senior level marketing experience – agency and client side. That means you get a full understanding of how effective recruitment works in the creative sector.

Our team has successfully worked with a range of businesses including:

  • Agencies
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Blue-chips 

Understanding why an agency’s creative culture is so crucial

Agencies are a Soap speciality. Having worked at a few ourselves, we know how important it is to get your creative culture spot on.  Sadly, too many agencies struggle with creatives who don’t have the right approach to suit their way of working.

We know that to do the best work, you need people that truly fit in. From niche shops to the biggest players, we’ve got the inside track on getting your creative culture right.

OK. So what happens next?

To speak to one of our senior consultants, ring us now on 0845 519 5880.

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